Reem Hospital represents a fit for purpose, an efficiency-driven healthcare facility that focuses on providing every individual customer with the very best service, in line with international best-practices.

The hospital is planned to open in the second half of 2020 on Reem Island, Abu Dhabi, to provide innovative, value-based healthcare that covers Outpatient and Inpatient services, including 32 specialized clinics in the initial phase, and 47 in the final state, staffed with consultant & specialist physicians.

With a capacity of 200 plus beds, The Hospital will be fully equipped with a 24/7 Urgent Care Unit, 6 Operation Theaters, Day Surgery Unit, 6 ICU beds, Endoscopy, and Arthroscopy units supported by State-of-the-Art diagnostic services. The hospital will have a special focus on Outpatient and Inpatient Post-Acute Rehabilitation using the most advanced technologies (in collaboration with VAMED International, a Post Acute Rehabilitation leader in Europe) with the future expansion of women and child sub-specialty dedicated services.


Founded in 1982, VAMED has become the leading global provider of a full line of services for hospitals and other health care facilities. The group has implemented more than 900 projects in 88 countries on five continents. VAMED’s portfolio ranges from project development, planning, and turnkey equipment via maintenance, technical, commercial and infrastructure services to the total operational management of health care facilities.

With its portfolio of services, VAMED covers the entire range of health care, from health tourism and preventive medicine via medical care and nursing to aftercare and rehabilitation. VAMED is a leading provider of rehabilitation services in Europe and, through VAMED Vitality World, the company is also Austria's largest operator of thermal spas and health resorts. In 2018 the VAMED group was responsible for more than 27,000 staff worldwide, generating a volume of business of € 2.2 bn.



To Implement world class clinical care pathways and programs to become the leading and most trusted hospital in the UAE.


To Provide innovative value-based healthcare through an integrated approach measured by transparent outcomes and patient satisfaction.


Efficiency, Trust and Transparency,
Honesty, Innovation,
Compassion, Sustainability.


Reem Hospital is a high-end healthcare facility that reflects 2030 Abu Dhabi's Vision and meets the government’s agenda in gaining patients’ trust and loyalty.

Our elite team of physicians, nurses and therapists focus on providing every patient with safe and compassionate care implementing international best practices and state-of-the-art medical technology.



Robin Mansour
Robin Mansour
Board Member - Vice President Investcorp
Mansur Ali
Mansur Ali
Board Member
Robert Hoermann
Robert Hoermann
Board Member - Managing Director VAMED
Michael Tamegger
Michael Tamegger
Board Member- Regional Director VAMED Engineering


At Reem Hospital our staff inspires healing and hope to our patients.
They believe in the hospital vision and give their commitment to being proactive, and not reactive, within this rapidly changing health care environment, doing right for the right reasons.
Each day we try to do our very best to create a culture that is going to make a difference to our patients.

Be a part of the professional team dedicated to providing state of the art medical services using best international practice.